Shipping & Tracking

Once you've submitted your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us assuring you that your transaction has been successfully made. Below is the sequence of events that take place as we prepare your order.


1. Over the next 2-7 days we will be busy picking the right clothing/item(s) and inspecting the material to guarantee that there aren't any defects.

2. Next, we will begin the printing or embroidery phase. We use the most sophisticated method of printing called DTG (Direct to Garment).

Direct to Garment printing involves a sophisticated printer that directly applies the ink onto fabric with inkjet technology. DTG uses specialty inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment. These new cutting edge inks being developed are used for our prints and make them as durable as old technology screen printing techniques. 

3. Following the printing phase, the results of the prints are examined for proper quality and sent to the sorting facility. 

4. In the sorting facility, customers who have submitted an order for multiple products will have all their completed orders organized into one area to be sent as a single package (in the majority of cases*). 

5. Finally, in the packaging stage we organize your order into a box or a sleeve ready for shipment. A receipt sticker with the shipment information is placed on the packaging and your order is on its way to you! 


Please allow your tracking code 1-3 days to be scanned and activated by the logistics company you've chosen at checkout. We automatically e-mail you the tracking code as soon as the label has been printed and scanned at our shipment bay. 


Thank you for shopping with us!










*If one or more of the items ordered in your cart are out of stock, delayed in line, or do not all fit in our largest shipping box, we will ship other items first and send a second shipment with the rest of your order at no extra cost. 

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